AJ (Farmer & Farm Manager)

"I am very happy with my Sole Scraper.  What I like most is the ease of taking it on and off. I use it both on my old farm truck and my work truck and it's easy to swap." 

Kurt (Farmer)

"I really appreciate the durability of the Sole Scraper. It has been on different trucks around the farm and it is still holding up quite well. Definitely a great tool that helps keep the mud out of my truck."  - (Owner of an Original Sole Scraper) 

Jim (Gardener & Hunter)

"I have my Sole Scraper by my back door. It helps keep mud and dirt out of my house and off my porch. I use it a lot, especially when coming in from working in the yard and garden. Both sides work to clean the tread and sides of my shoes. It cuts into the mud and the brush finishes the tread. I will be ordering one for my tree stand."  -(Owner of an Outdoor and Sport Sole Scraper)


"Sole Scraper works great! We have the field version below our tree stand and the truck version on our hitch. I highley recommend this equipment for anyone looking to prevent slips and falls while climbing their tree stands or for anyone who wants to keep the inside of their truck nice and clean......like me! Thank for a great product!!"

Jason (Business Owner)

Sole Scraper helps keep my trucks clean and helps us keep my job sites clean. We strive to be professional and keep our customers' property free of mud when working a job and Sole Scraper helps us do just that."

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