How do I know which size hitch model to purchase for my vehicle?

Currently, we have three sizes.  For 2" hitches, you can purchase a Sole Scraper that is either 6" or 8" long.  To determine which model will work best, measure the distance from the ground to the hitch. If it is 18" or shorter, we recommend the 6" model. Anything above 18", we recommend the 8" model.  The third model we offer is for a 1 1/4" hitch.  It comes in one size, which is 6".

What if my brush wears?

It would take a very long time for this to happen.  If and when it does, we sell replacement brushes.

How is your scraper different from other scrapers on the market?

To our knowledge, there are no other hitch models on the market. Our Outdoor Sport Model is made of steel and rubber to ensure long-lasting use.  Most other scrapers are made of plastic, composite, or wood, and the bristles are made of nylon and natural material that will mat, fray and breakdown quickly.  Our Sole Scraper will not crack or swell from weather conditions. Push it in the ground and it stays in place until you remove it.  It won't slide around while you clean your boots/shoes, like other models. Our brushes are made of rubber and are strong and flexible for serious boot/shoe cleaning.

Sole Scraper's unit leaves the mud, dirt, leaves, or snow on the ground, instead of sitting inside the unit or on the patio/deck. Any residue on Sole Scraper's unit can be easily cleaned with a garden hose.  Most other units sit by door on patio or deck, which require you to track mud across the patio to clean our shoes. This leaves the mess on the patio instead of in the grass where it belongs.  

Our Sole Scraper is purchased by hunters as an added measure of safety.  It can help prevent slipping while using a tree stand.