Our Story

Junior Davis - Creator and Owner of Sole Scraper LLC

About Us

Our History

We are often asked, “How was Sole Scraper created?” It’s very simple. Junior Davis designed and created Sole Scraper out of necessity. As an avid outdoorsman and hunter, he is in the woods every chance he gets. Junior enjoys hunting for game, trapping, and mushroom hunting. However, with these hobbies, tracking mud and dirt into his vehicle was a constant issue. He used sticks, rocks, and anything he could find to clean his shoes with little success. So, he set out to make something that would get the job done. Sole Scraper Hitch Model will save you time and money, while helping you keep your vehicle clean.

The Outdoor Sport Model was originally created to promote safety while using a tree stand.  Many accidents occur each year from slipping and falling from tree stands. Safety is most important to us and we believe it begins on the ground. If you don't have a chance to attach your harness, it doesn't do you any good. Junior designed the Outdoor and Sport model to help protect hunters from unnecessary accidents.

We put our products in a test market for a period of one year.  From that test market, we learned that both models are used by hunters, construction workers, farmers, homeowners, campers, gardeners, outdoor enthusiasts, businesses, parks departments, municipalities, and many more.

Who We Are

Sole Scraper is owned by Junior and Rhonda Davis. A husband and wife team committed to providing products that will make life both easier and safer for their customers. Junior and Rhonda live in Noblesville, Indiana, and have two children and one grandchild, Zeke.

We value your feedback, so please contact us with any questions or comments. Thank you for visiting our online store!