• Outdoor Sport Sole Scraper

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    The Outdoor Sport Sole Scraper is used by many customers.  Hunters use it as an added safety measure to help prevent slipping while using a tree stand. Place it at the base of the tree and clean your boots before you climb. It can be easily moved to different locations. It also reduces the chances of mud falling from the tree stand, which scares-off deer.

    Campers, farmers, businesses, homeowners, gardeners, parks, golfers, hikers, and others use this model to help keep their floors clean. Place it at the entrance of living area and leave the mess outside instead of on your floors.  Push Sole Scraper into the ground and let it do the work for you.  It can be easily moved and is easy to clean.  Unlike other shoe cleaners, Sole Scraper will leave the mud on the ground instead of tracking it across the patio/deck. 

    Sole Scraper's frame is made of steel and is powder coated for long-lasting use.  The blade digs into the mud and debris on your shoe. The brush is made of urethane rubber with 57 strong and flexible bristles that will clean deep into the tread of your shoe. 

    Unit measures 14" W x 12" L.